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Waiting For One
Waiting For One  (6 months ago)

Hey guys, this is Kelly from the band Waiting For One. We are all on the show on Sat., Jan. 25th at Legends Bar & Grill with the Fifth Fire. (Just so you know, Rachel Garcia is the manager of the Fifth Fire, and the representative and talent scout for LMC Records, whom The Fifth Fire is signed to. Also, she will be scoping out bands to potentially sign to her management company and to LMC Records that night!) We want this to be a huge show, so let's all work together and see if we can't promote the heck out of it!

I want to make a short teaser video this weekend (if possible) showcasing all of the bands, and playing clips from one or two of your bands' songs, while showing your band logo and pictures while each song is playing. Once finished, we can all share the video to all of our fans. What I need from you is an mp3 file of the one or two songs you would like me to use in the video. Please email them to me at wfoband@gmail.com.

I already downloaded songs from the web sites or ReverbNation for you. But you guys had 5 songs on RN; which 2 songs would you like me to use?

Let’s support each other, and pack the place, and blow the doors off of Legends! Let me know what you all think. And if you have any ideas or suggestions on ways to promote this show, please let us know! The guys from the Fifth Fire are touring across the US from Los Angeles, so let’s show them some Texas hospitality, and make them feel right at home. If we all work together, I know we can make this show a huge success for all of us! Peace! -Kelly