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Magic Eyez / Comments

James Sinor
James Sinor  (8 months ago)

"This is how we do it" very cool, Nice mix! God bless James

ONQ (Da Firing Squad) G.G.E
ONQ (Da Firing Squad) G.G.E  (8 months ago)

got your tracks playing nice work bro

1reality  (8 months ago)

~ Very Well Done ~

David Flow
David Flow  (8 months ago)

excellent music and feeling keep it up

Blizzard  (8 months ago)

This is some of the best music I have listened to on this site. I hope people slow down and really listen. There is some quality work here.

JAX  (8 months ago)

Keep up the good work!!

Enki Celfury
Enki Celfury  (8 months ago)

graffiti girl is your best song ;-)
and on youtube I like your "Open Letter"

BearlyLegal Beats(Looney)
BearlyLegal Beats(Looney)  (8 months ago)


Jflo DaBoss
Jflo DaBoss  (8 months ago)

That's what's up ~

Lil Rope
Lil Rope  (8 months ago)

Dope tracks, keep da hustle strong, much respect!
-Lil Rope