The Judes / Comments

LaTosha "Love" Brown
LaTosha "Love" Brown  (2 days ago)

Love your work!

Whitt & Judy
Whitt & Judy  (2 days ago)

Very nice. Refreshing!

kloudworks  (2 days ago)

I'm up to something really classic and uplifting tonight so Let's fall in Love again and and gain and again with the wonderful music of the Judes. Great stuff, guys. Keep on rolling ~ kappi

Band In A Box
Band In A Box  (3 days ago)

Really catchy sound! Love "Hey Hey Radio"!

Nicolas Joly
Nicolas Joly  (3 days ago)

Nice music. Thanks

Odin's Bird
Odin's Bird  (4 days ago)

Great sound, great material

David Conn
David Conn  (4 days ago)

Nice Beattles and Monkeys touch and sound!!!

GreenColrake  (5 days ago)

Sounds great! All the best!

Casimo11  (5 days ago)

Great Vibes reflect Great Vibes brother... Blessings! =)

WoJo  (5 days ago)

Great to see fellow Canadians succeeding and doing so well with their music :) I love it! Keep up the amazing work, and congrats on #1! -WoJo <3