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Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz / Comments

Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz
Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz  (about 4 years ago)

Listen to a live radio interview of Afia Walking Tree regarding the Underground Drum Sanctuary and the power of the drum http://www.photowords.com/index.php?page=multimedia and then click on "Channelling Harriet Tubman"

Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz
Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz  (about 4 years ago)

Reveiws for Afia Walking Tree:
“As a woman of African descent carrying the African drum as a tool for liberation, Afia’s chosen path of leadership is uncommon, complex, and controversial. Afia is at the forefront as a visionary and activist who will lead us in the movement of freeing peoples minds and hearts from the shackles of enslavement and oppression using the drum vibrations as a healing, activating, and liberating force. She brings strong medicines of release, inspiration and creativity to those of us who long to rest in the nurturance of rhythm, song, drum, and movement that is easeful, stress free, fun, and loving.”
--Alice Walker: Luminary, activist, writer

“Afia uses the metaphor of a tool belt (and wears an actual tool belt of her own design) in working with Transformative Leadership workshop participants. I think this is indicative of her practical approach to accomplishing all types of projects. She is always well organized, writing out timelines and apportioning tasks, enlisting support where needed, thinking ahead to details often overlooked. When I worked with her as a co-facilitator, there were no loose ends, we arrived in plenty of time, and she always insisted on time after for evaluation and "decompression." She is also flexible and so can readjust where needed as unexpected situations arise. In other words, she has a variety of tools at her disposal.”
--Judy Helfand, Consultant & Trainer on issues of white privilege and racism

“Afia Walking Tree has dedicated her life and work to the spiritual liberation of African Americans and other oppressed groups in a society intensely divided by ethnicity, color and class. And under Afia Walking Tree’s guidance, the sounds and stories of the continued need for liberation emanate forth—to schools, to civic organizations, to businesses, to parades and community events. But mostly, Afia Walking Tree spreads her message individual by individual: There is much work still to be done before people of all races and backgrounds achieve, together, social justice and freedom. “
--Lonny Shavelson: Photojournalist http://www.photowords.com

“Then came Afia Walking Tree. What a woman! She drummed for us throughout the conference, we danced, shouted, howled, carried on, we were inspired and healed. Sonia Johnson was visibly moved throughout the weekend, over and over, tearing up, and especially at the “Grand Cauldron” at the end of the gathering when all of the “wild sisters” were drumming, dancing, hollering, singing, whooping it up like we had good sense. Afia Walking Tree drummed specifically to and in honor of Johnson at one point and she was, again, so visibly and powerfully moved.” Feminist Hullaballoo — Historic Reunion of the Wild Sisters, Part I by Womensspace http://womensspace.wordpress.com/2007/06/27/feminist-hullaballoo-historic-reunion-of-the-wild-sisters-part-i/)

“You normally don't associate intimacy with world music. Most world music is on a different level, incorporating exotic native rhythms to produce a body of work that, to the outsider, reaches for the stars. However, intimate is the best description I could provide to "Soul Affirmationz" from the delightfully named Afia Walking Tree (http://www.spiritdrumz.org). This percussion-heavy release is obviously a labor of love, one that is born from the heart as a gift to Mother Nature herself.
There are times when Tree reminds me of Laurie Anderson, especially during the hypnotic spoken-word moments of "Mama Souljourn" and "GourdSong."
---Whisperin and Hollerin Music Reviews – by Adam Harrington

Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz
Afia Walking Tree & Spirit Drumz  (about 4 years ago)


Drumming on the Earth: Leadership Visioning Retreat for Leaders in the Drumming Arts 2011
This is the first retreat of this nature that is a call for women drummers who are teachers, leaders, performers, priestesses to come together to create our vision of drumming as sustainability for ourselves and our planet. Afia Walking Tree, multi-percussionist, facilitator, and performer, has been holding this vision for some time and is ready to bring it into fruition in the winter of 2011. Stay tuned.

Women Drummers International July 1 - 4, 2011
Four days of intensive drumming bliss with Maestra women drummers from all over the world. Held at Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, CA

Million Women Drummers Gathering 2013
The first gathering of renewal and celebration of women, drums and the environment. Million Women Drummers Gathering is a vision and call of Ubaka Hill, drummer, teacher, and performing artist. Visit: http://www.millionwomendrummers.com for Sponsorship, Organizing, and Participation.