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MARYANN  (3 days ago)

"So Grim" (= ...=_=... I've seen better days but today is great because of your music! Abusive behavior is caused from the inability to seek change with in ourselves. ♥

The Lizabeth Sessions
The Lizabeth Sessions  (5 days ago)

"So Grim" is another outstanding depiction of what I like to call [THE MAMMSIE GRAHAM EXPERIENCE]! Just love your sound! Your stellar music is the perfect choice for any occasion!
~Liz [The Lizabeth Sessions]

Kimberly Yoakum
Kimberly Yoakum  (8 days ago)

"Leaven Me" is cool:)....GREAT PAGE! Thanks for the support!...I'm glad you liked my music!

Mike Diesel
Mike Diesel  (10 days ago)

Dope Fam....wishing you much success

NICK AND THE JAMMERS  (10 days ago)

hello Mammsie;fantastic,out in the rain,yeah,great vocals,stay groovy,peace !!!!

Kim Guthrie
Kim Guthrie  (11 days ago)

Wow, "Out in the rain" is quite different from what you do, but it works really well, still has the realness that you convey in your voice and lyrics, and I love how you add some of your acoustic guitar to it, this is freakin' cool, had to share this one on my FB this evening.

MARYANN  (11 days ago)

"Burn Out The Day" and "Out Of The Rain". Beautiful sexy hypnotic vocals as always. Great Lyrics! Enjoying my visit as always ...=_=...

Eva Ilios
Eva Ilios  (11 days ago)

Thank you for your lovely comment! Wonderful vocals!!!

Kingsley George
Kingsley George  (14 days ago)

Enjoying Out in the rain. Listening to show support and wish much success with your music. Have a great day. Kingsley George.

Anna Madorsky
Anna Madorsky  (14 days ago)

Soulful tunes and introspective lyrics. Keep up the music!