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Yonas Prayudhi / Comments

Vicki J
Vicki J  (20 days ago)

You are absolutely amazIng.....I invite you to my artist page...

Chris Sebby™
Chris Sebby™  (20 days ago)

I like "I belong to You

Stephen Hite
Stephen Hite  (21 days ago)

Very good songwriting skills! Love the guitar playing!

louis lebeck
louis lebeck  (22 days ago)

great songs nice guitar playing well done glad to be a fan

Lee Turner "MusicaLee"
Lee Turner "MusicaLee"  (22 days ago)

Nice work man!

Ricky Alan Ray
Ricky Alan Ray  (22 days ago)

Just dropping by say hello and support!

Patrick Morgan /
Patrick Morgan /  (22 days ago)

Sound's Very Rockin To Me >>The best of Luck To You>>>Patrick

John Colella
John Colella  (23 days ago)

Great, music worth listening to..enjoyable site Yonas

Ali Melissa Schaff
Ali Melissa Schaff  (23 days ago)

i love " i belong to you " very talented

Bill Cardellino
Bill Cardellino  (23 days ago)

I'm diggin'it, nice guitar work! Keep up the good work, best of luck to you. Please don't kill yourself we need to hear more from you for a long long time.