Chris Aable / Comments

Stee Vross
Stee Vross  (19 days ago)

Awesome array of music! Rock on, Chris!

Neal Latham
Neal Latham  (20 days ago)

Great Stuff Chris! Really enjoy your music.

Chad E Mason
Chad E Mason  (20 days ago)

Beautiful tracks, unique style while maintaining that retro sound with a modern spin.

Jake Castillo
Jake Castillo  (21 days ago)

Great arrangements and wonderful lyrical content! "A Song For Omar Silva de la Mora" is lovely and conjures up the Pet Sounds era Beach Boys....beautiful! Keep up the good work

STRANGER  (21 days ago)

I like your style. It's different from what I usually hear on a day to day basis. Keep the creativity flowing and your fan base will keep on growing.

Ponytail: Science and Insight
Ponytail: Science and Insight  (21 days ago)

Stunning! You won't know what hit you for hours...then you'll know.

The High Plains Drifters
The High Plains Drifters  (21 days ago)

woooooo love the sound! sounds timeless but brand new at the same time! keep on rockin' amigo!

Young Head Beats
Young Head Beats  (21 days ago)

Very Soothing Sound. I Like that "Survive" song. Keep up the good work.

Steve Syx and Syxgun
Steve Syx and Syxgun  (21 days ago)

Self Evolution - great arrangement nice smooth intro

Alix Williams
Alix Williams  (21 days ago)

Chris, this is really great music! I was pleasantly surprised! This is some seriously awesome material (-: I can't wait to hear more!