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J.O.A.  (12 days ago)

"Dark Horse"...Great Song!!
Excellent Sound!!

kloudworks  (13 days ago)

Hard Rain... could have been a Nick Drake song. Wonderful in this simple instrumentation. Amazing work ~ k.

waleed7  (15 days ago)

I like your work very much, it's awesome dude , thank you :)

kamara  (15 days ago)

Would love to catch a live show....Come to Chicago!!!

"FIRE"  (16 days ago)

Dark Horse....SUPERB!!!
you have the groove!!..and have found the tone!
reach for the stars...you are on your way!!
Showing "FIRE" support from Minneapolis,MN

Ismail  (5 months ago)

Wow, your album is so professional, and there is so deep emotions that i found during listening to it, i hope you all the success i your carrier.

Laura Marie
Laura Marie  (5 months ago)

Thanks for the kind words!

Eugene Christopher
Eugene Christopher  (5 months ago)

You been an inspiration for sometime now!


wayne rich, songwriter/singer
wayne rich, songwriter/singer  (6 months ago)

great writing and singing as usual!!

Sina Lloyd & Buddy Greenfield
Sina Lloyd & Buddy Greenfield  (6 months ago)

Enjoyed "Everyone Gets Lonely" - Wonderfully nuanced track.

Oussama Elidrissi
Oussama Elidrissi  (7 months ago)

respect from Morocco