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Tokin' Blues Band
Tokin' Blues Band  (8 months ago)

cool music guys listening to Bones now love the guitar work. BTW thank you taking time out to listen to our music, please like our face book page and follow us on twitter and you tube and sound cloud. we will return the favor. thanks again great stuff

SpEnt fiXer
SpEnt fiXer  (9 months ago)

Bones is awesome! Liked all of them. Nice grungy guitar sound. I'd love to have that sound!

The Dark Sinatras
The Dark Sinatras  (9 months ago)

striking lightening...bones..classic! cheers!

Sven Melo
Sven Melo  (9 months ago)

rocks great. like "blood hunger"!

Izera  (9 months ago)

Cool and cosmic :)

Bag of Cats
Bag of Cats  (9 months ago)

F@$&^ Yeah! Please rock Portland sometimes!! We need you!!!

Iron Will
Iron Will  (9 months ago)

Nice songs!

Suthurn Swaggur
Suthurn Swaggur  (9 months ago)

Hey there guys, we're just stopping by to hear your great music again and to show our support. Hope all is well and keep Rockin'! ~Suthurn Swaggur

Lisa Gee and The 4:22
Lisa Gee and The 4:22  (9 months ago)

I really like your stuff - it's like "neo classic rock." :) Dig it!

Mr Tourettes Overloaded Senses Club Band
Mr Tourettes Overloaded Senses Club Band  (9 months ago)

Sweaty, honest, no-nonsense, brutal rock'n'roll! There are intelligent songs & a tight band as well in the wall of energy, amazing. Oi! Make a video live! Thanks for fan-ing! Cheers /Mr Tourette