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Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris  (about 21 hours ago)

Back to listen to King Kong! Opted in- NK

Arturo  (3 days ago)

Opt in. King Kong is genius...truly a gem. Physically encouraging. Effing great. I really believe we can change the world today. Thanks.

Jamie Karris
Jamie Karris  (4 days ago)

Opted In: Listening to Make Celebrities History. Great work. And refuse to be a superficial jerk!

Saint Of The Echo
Saint Of The Echo  (5 days ago)

Opted in. Totally agree with making celebrities history, free your mind and be yourself. The Punk vibe in the music fits perfectly with the lyrics. Loved the opening guitar riff. King Kong is indeed a big mother, but I'm more of a Donkey Kong fan. First time ever I heard the expression "You're Ugly as Sin". If I let myself be measured by those standards I might deserve a capitol punishment.

MRGBLAZE  (5 days ago)

yo mi luv wat yuh doing here .. listening in and enjoying it.. OPT IN

Jacky Bullfrog
Jacky Bullfrog  (5 days ago)

Opted in. Great music.

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound  (5 days ago)

Very Cool sound and style here, every influence stands out, yet it's so original...Peace...Frontline

Lu Hound
Lu Hound  (5 days ago)

Original music mano! Killin it best

Joe Figg
Joe Figg  (5 days ago)

Music with a mind.
Great work, Stevan.
Opting in!

Marlan  (5 days ago)

Opt in: Checked out "Three Different Places" very catchy lyrics.