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Kristan York / Comments

Jesse Roussell
Jesse Roussell  (3 months ago)

"Lose this Fight" is good and you can't go wrong with "Whiskey" : )

Kristan York
Kristan York  (3 months ago)

Guys, I'd like to let everyone know, I'm no longer doing a solo thing, but playing with my band Girlcat Adams. We do all these songs you've heard here plus others, so check us out! www.reverbnation.com/girlcatadams

Songs Unsung
Songs Unsung  (3 months ago)

Hey, great guitar licks, and what a voice, somewhere at the intersection of Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies), Yusuf Islam (Cat S.), and early Bob (Bob). Sweet lyrics as well.

Jesse Roussell
Jesse Roussell  (4 months ago)

Your song, "With nothing but noise" is like, Johnny Cash meets the band "Iron & Wine" that's a good thing. Sam Beam is his name (solo artist)

Baluja  (7 months ago)

Hope your holidays are filled with joy, Kristan...

Johnny STRAWS  (10 months ago)

Great songs you have here Brutha!

Blabpipe  (10 months ago)

Sounds great!

Eddie Riel Solo Acoustic
Eddie Riel Solo Acoustic  (10 months ago)

With Nothing but Noise is a Great tune! Awesome guitaring and vocals!! I recommended you on my artist page, liked your facebook and followed you on twitter
https://www.facebook.com/Eddierielsoloacoustic https://twitter.com/EddieRiel

Justin Boerema
Justin Boerema  (10 months ago)

sweet beard brother! awesome songs too! peace

Baluja  (10 months ago)

It's great to see such a young talented artist influenced by legends like cohen and dylan. That influence is what undoubtedly adds depth to your work.