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Alex NICOLLI / Comments

Johnny Alguer
Johnny Alguer  (8 months ago)

Beautiful sounds, wonderful voice, Alex... I wish you much success and all the best.

Natalla y Los Suenos
Natalla y Los Suenos  (8 months ago)

Autumn leaves!! Great Tune!!

Attack Karma
Attack Karma  (8 months ago)

like your version of "autumn leaves". sounds very much like the jazz pop singers. great big band sound.

/Thurgood Marshall Jones Jr
/Thurgood Marshall Jones Jr  (8 months ago)

Beautiful musical arrangements, vocals, and production! Much success to you and your musical endeavors, Alex! Let's stay connected!

Charlie Kelsey
Charlie Kelsey  (9 months ago)

Original sound and unique seasoned voice.. Keep it up!


Purty Violet
Purty Violet  (9 months ago)

Great athmosphere and nice voice. Keep it up and thanks for the friendship. x

Sven Melo
Sven Melo  (9 months ago)

"nature boy" - great old fashioned big band pop with a progressive touch. great vocals with a melting voice. "mellow"!

Big Richie
Big Richie  (9 months ago)

Great singing!

Owen McCullum
Owen McCullum  (9 months ago)

What an enchanting voice!

RICK PARKER  (9 months ago)

Awesome Vocals.. Love your covers on your top tracks.. Wish you all the best on this journey your on.. Rick