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Leanne Leslie / Comments

Father's House Music
Father's House Music  (4 months ago)

Love the expression of worship you bring. Keep it coming!

Better Off Strangers
Better Off Strangers  (4 months ago)

Well Done is aptly named. Well done, indeed.

Russell Latino
Russell Latino  (4 months ago)

Great Songs ~ Great Voice ~ Great God!

Wonderful performance on "Well Done"!

Jon Montgomery
Jon Montgomery  (5 months ago)

Lovely voice Leanne

Larry Zimmer & the Sons of Thunder
Larry Zimmer & the Sons of Thunder  (5 months ago)

Tanks for being a fan. Keep up the good work!!

PATRÍCIA OHANNA  (5 months ago)

Hi Leanne Lslie! I greet my sister to peace. Amen.
Great music! God bless you! Happiness!!! Success!!!

Doug Clare
Doug Clare  (5 months ago)

Candy for my ears. Sweet sounds! Love "Well Done." I long to hear those words, spoken to me, one day. Good works! GBY, DC

Keld Sand  Singer/songwriter
Keld Sand Singer/songwriter  (5 months ago)

Wonderful songs and a gorgeous and totally impressive vocal! GOOD LUCK!

Steven G. Eads
Steven G. Eads  (6 months ago)

Wonderful music! Blessings!!!

John Starley Allen
John Starley Allen  (7 months ago)

What inspiring music! Thanks for sharing your powerful voice and timeless message!