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Marvel the GR8
Marvel the GR8  (4 months ago)

great production on SILENCE. love the guitar. feel like im listenin to some lennon.

Kyle and Carl
Kyle and Carl  (6 months ago)

Loved the variety of songs Ghezzi. 'Crying Won't Help You Know' is a deep song we greatly appreciate.

David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion)
David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion)  (6 months ago)

CRYIN WON'T HELP[ YOU NOW is haunting lyric poetry enmeshed in a groove that evokes the poignant power of hope and life’s enigmas.

BARBIES OF PORN  (7 months ago)

Great singing and production! Pretty as a picture! :)
Best wishes -- B.O.P

Maybe  (8 months ago)

Pretty as a Picture - cool sound, makes my feet move...
maybe me

Michael Var Fickle
Michael Var Fickle  (8 months ago)

I am enjoying this right now. This is going to sound strange, but i hear 70's Rolling Stones and...Earth Wind & Fire. Good production. DIG IT!

Dennis Long
Dennis Long  (8 months ago)

I love the dry treatment of your vocal, which gives it an up-to-date and unique sound. Kudos to the band - they capture each style with energy and sincerity. Well written, arranged and performed!

Scott Sawyer
Scott Sawyer  (8 months ago)

That was great hearing you sing with Kimock...and the complete lack of bs in your music is refreshing, to say the least. keep up the great work!

Kita-Simone  (8 months ago)

Enjoy listening to Clearing. Love the funky beat and rock vocals.

Tim Weidow
Tim Weidow  (9 months ago)

Wow....you have a great voice!! Great songs!!