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Rufaro  (5 days ago)

**Hoping to gain artists like these,as fans of mine. We all cook w/the same ingredients A-G#,come sample my recipe. Bring a bib;)Also witness an endangered species...a Brother that RocKs

Hidden Mountain
Hidden Mountain  (8 days ago)

very Brazil!FULLY DANCE ,techno , if your wanting to move your in the right place!

Oxygen  (11 days ago)

Hi Brio'con! Thank you so much for listening to our music. I dig your music too. "Heart" is a beautiful song! All the best and much success! Melissa from Oxygen

Barbie McHugh, Lyricist
Barbie McHugh, Lyricist  (12 days ago)

Love your songs .. enjoyed listening .. my fav is "Heart" .. thanks for connecting .. glad to be a fan

Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth  (12 days ago)

Thanks for the sweet note about my music! And thanks for warming up a cold, wet Sunday with a touch of Brazil. Great tracks! PS - I love Vincent Van Gogh, too!

Pyjama Devil
Pyjama Devil  (16 days ago)

-Undiscussably brillant-

Carthy  (18 days ago)

These tunes know how to groove bro!!

Koreen Perry
Koreen Perry  (23 days ago)

Enjoying Heart and She Moves today :)

Pyjama Devil
Pyjama Devil  (24 days ago)

Criminally catchy tunes & a lot of soul, thats what I love in your music.

Jeff Peckham (songwriter)
Jeff Peckham (songwriter)  (25 days ago)

Thanks Bernie for your comments (Angel From Hell) yep, I had the same experience as you...sorry you did! Lovin your music my friend!