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Francie Reith
Francie Reith  (11 months ago)

hello gary~lov,in your country music ~n i c e country love francie~

Gary Smith
Gary Smith  (11 months ago)

Hi Francie.Thanks for the compliment,just me and guitar.I was in Kalispel about 10 years ago,nice place.Love your music and video and will check in soon. Gary

Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)
Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)  (12 months ago)

Love that good ole down home soul in you music Gary

Francesco Sansalone
Francesco Sansalone  (12 months ago)

ciao, compliments for your music
All the best . If you want

Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens  (12 months ago)

Got to say, Gary that you sure remind me of Woody Guthrie. Great songwriting and pickin ...
not to mention your captivating vocals. Two thumbs up and a spot on this weeks showcase.

Gary Smith
Gary Smith  (12 months ago)

Thanks Doug,I enjoyed your music also.I record as you do,me and my guitar and the computer.A good friend of mine has set me up with this site just a couple months ago so I am just getting started.Never too late I guess,I`m almost 60,but will never give up songwriting and music.We have to do more work on my profile and put on some more songs.Keep in touch and thanks for the showcase.Talk later.Gary

Matt Cash
Matt Cash  (about 1 year ago)


Gary Smith
Gary Smith  (about 1 year ago)

Hey thanks man.Played one of your songs yesterday and the player shut down.Getting it fixed and will play some more.First one was great. Gary