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Sticky Fingers / Comments

Cindy Jagger
Cindy Jagger  (11 days ago)

Like A Rolling Stone by Sticky Fingers affects me like no other band besides the Rolling Stones! Glen Carrolls vocals are so sexy and has a Jagger vibe! Romantic ballads, hard rock, jazzy blues, audacious lyrics - this cd has it all! Very passionate about this band and cd! Thank you for putting some great music out there!!

WALA REZA  (4 months ago)

Hey Sticky, Thank u 4 ur muzic!

Stay tuned in 2014 - and help Producer, Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist WR to be heard. The debut single will be released this year! A new and unique mix of Pop, Neo-Soul, Rap, Rock, Dance & Jazz

PATRÍCIA OHANNA  (4 months ago)

Hi Stichy Fingers! Great music! God bless you!
Happiness!!! Success!!!

Stiff Spirit
Stiff Spirit  (6 months ago)

I'm really feeling I Miss the Good Times!

Will Dockery
Will Dockery  (6 months ago)

I see a lot of new tunes loaded here... gotta get a dose of Sticky Fingers, you guys carry the canopy of rock-n-roll...

Winstons Big Brother
Winstons Big Brother  (6 months ago)

Tribute is a great tune! I like what you have done with it! Keep up the epic work, you have our support!

Will Dockery
Will Dockery  (7 months ago)

Back for more Rock-N-Roll... "I Miss The Good Times" is a true clasic.

Dez Dealaguy
Dez Dealaguy  (11 months ago)

Ayyo its Dez Dealaguy just stop by to show some love "Tribute" thats my theme song for today :) http://www.youtube.com/dezdealaguy New Mixtape #8-23-13!

Will Dockery
Will Dockery  (11 months ago)

We are digging your song "Tribute" so much... we would like to cover it! How about the time has come for a tribute band for... Sticky Fingers?!? Dynamite, y'all nail what we love in the Stones, long may they run.

Ecologyngle  (11 months ago)

"Knockin On Heavens Door" brilliant and much So. Fla love! Patricia