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W. Rick Sturgill / Comments

Farid Adjazairi
Farid Adjazairi  (1 day ago)

You were born to make an IMPACT for God!!! . Well said and Bravo for your Music Rick. Thanks

Showgun  (7 days ago)

had a chance to hear "I've been thinking ft. Jason" great work, loved the work on the instruments. vocals were strong. If you get a chance, come check my music out? become a fan. thank you.

JGoth  (14 days ago)

Nice tunes! If you get a chance check mine, love any input back

Ralph Russell
Ralph Russell  (16 days ago)

Soulful. You can really hear the heartfelt message -r

FLUFFER  (16 days ago)

You are a very talented song composer!!

LiaVen  (17 days ago)

Thank you. I enjoy your songs. LiaVen

W. Rick Sturgill
W. Rick Sturgill  (17 days ago)

Thank you as well LiaVen, enjoyed your songs!

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Wade Braines
Wade Braines  (24 days ago)

great sound brother! Kia Ora

Mykall McDowell
Mykall McDowell  (25 days ago)

Howdy Rick! Lovin your sounds brother!! Awesome work my friend!!! ~Mykall~

Billy T. Scrapper
Billy T. Scrapper  (25 days ago)

diggin your videos tonight.....thanks for connecting on here.....great vocals....BTS