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Stephen Collier
Stephen Collier  (1 day ago)

Thank you for the connection and becoming a fan...Hope you enjoyed my music - love the music and that blues voice 'Mary Lou' is such a good track...hope all is well


Nous Deus
Nous Deus  (3 days ago)

thanks for the support keep it up, im a little bit high everyday, hehe...

syandene~spoken  (3 days ago)

Loving those rifts, natural blues touch. Love it.

SereJazz  (5 days ago)

Thanks so much for becoming a fan! Lovin' your Blues -- Little Bit High and Blues for Breakfast are my faves!

Kazushi  (5 days ago)

Soulful.. great fell and originality bro.. Amazing ^_^

Bluesman John
Bluesman John  (5 days ago)

Thanks for fanning me Larry.
I Really like the style you are playing...Mary Lou..My favorite. You are really hitting the core sound of the blues, man...That's also what I am striving for....It's awesome.
Great work bro!

Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson  (5 days ago)

Hey man, thanks for the follow! I really dig your playing style. I'll be in AZ in 4 months or so. I'll look you up and see if you're playing!

Jeffery Moore
Jeffery Moore  (6 days ago)

Larry, thanks for the fan. Great tunes -- I'm definitely feeling it! All the best.

Waht Records
Waht Records  (6 days ago)

Thanks for the add Larry! All the very best from NZ.

Steve Owen
Steve Owen  (8 days ago)

Hi Larry - thanks for the fan! Blues for Breakfast - good stuff! I fanned you back, also.