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Desperate Hero / Comments

Frank Claeys
Frank Claeys  (3 months ago)

Excellent music. Very good vocals. Slick production.

Rosanna Richardson
Rosanna Richardson  (3 months ago)

Hello DesperateHero, thanks so much for becoming a fan. I appreciate You. I never thought that someone from a metal hard/rock band would want to become my fan. Lately been getting quite a few such fans for some reason?!? anyway, I listened to your Exile, good strong beat, which I love, and interesting lyrics, need a guiding hand, look up! Hope you got a blessing from my one song. Rose :)

Otto  (3 months ago)

Excellent riffing gentlemen - I enjoyed your stuff a whole lot. Otto.

R&R  (3 months ago)

sick fucking tune that exile..keep this shit comin

Kimberly Yoakum
Kimberly Yoakum  (3 months ago)

Love "Exile"!!!!!......Good song:) GREAT PAGE!

Bassman  (3 months ago)

Rawkin' !!!

Cos Grassano
Cos Grassano  (3 months ago)

Excellent songs & musicianship. Fantasitc fella's.

Right to Become
Right to Become  (3 months ago)

Great sound!!! Thank you so much for checking out my band. May God bless you on your journey!! Courtney and all with RTB

The Boulton Brothers Band
The Boulton Brothers Band  (3 months ago)

Hey.., Gooooood vibes here!!.......................

Thanks for your support.............

Please drop by again and have a listen to our playlist if you have time .......,TBBB

Track University
Track University  (3 months ago)

Your are 3 guys that really bring it!!!! Enjoyed your music..Keep making hit music!!