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Justin Boerema
Justin Boerema  (3 months ago)

Rock on! Wishing you the best of luck and health this new year, and the next. You are loved and and so is the music you create. Facebook.com/justin.boerema

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (3 months ago)

Very good songwriting here and you perform your songs so well. Enjoyed "Summer Party"...great track. Wishing you every success with your music~Paul

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound  (3 months ago)

Cool tracks...all the Best...Peace...Frontline

Joe Monaghan
Joe Monaghan  (3 months ago)

Hey Slam Horse! Great stuff Man!

Bath Salt Zombie
Bath Salt Zombie  (3 months ago)


The Real KARMA
The Real KARMA  (3 months ago)

You have unique style of music! Keep up the good work.

Dan Profitt
Dan Profitt  (3 months ago)

killer groves,, those lady's are amazing..

C.C.Tennissen  (3 months ago)

great stuff...thanks for your comment on my profile...best of wiehes to you...C.C. :)

maryjanerobi  (3 months ago)

Great Tunes! Wishing the best for 2014.

BrazilExperience MG
BrazilExperience MG  (4 months ago)

Good Stuff!