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Nina valentin
Nina valentin  (9 months ago)

Great songs, good feeling, Merci Nina

GRUFF  (9 months ago)

Great music!! We like a lot your songs, beautiful voice. Thanks for your support, greetings from Spain!!

Da Predator 1 in the game
Da Predator 1 in the game  (9 months ago)

really enjoyed your songs as well
great vocals
great vibe
and thankyou for the comment

Rose Christair Artist, Smoking Butt Records
Rose Christair Artist, Smoking Butt Records  (10 months ago)

Great Music Guys !!!!!

Crows Cage
Crows Cage  (10 months ago)

Lovin the music !!!!

Koreen Perry
Koreen Perry  (10 months ago)

Hey, you guys are great! Love your pop sound :) Following you!

Rise of the Raven
Rise of the Raven  (10 months ago)

Burning one down, crankin your tunes \m/ one love

SILENT BEATS  (10 months ago)

good song brother

please check my song
and ask in the comments

Wyatt -n- Ayres Songwriters,
Wyatt -n- Ayres Songwriters,  (10 months ago)

nice songs really nice to know you guys all the best Paul

JetLagged  (10 months ago)

Thanks for the kind words DB, you guys sound great too. Keep up good work!