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Jamie Richardson Jr / Comments

R. Pickett Bugg
R. Pickett Bugg  (3 days ago)

"Without Her By My Side"...awesome song, skills & vocals!. Thanks for being a fan!.Peace ~ Pickett

Of Saints and Sailors
Of Saints and Sailors  (3 days ago)

Thanks so much for coming to our page and becoming a fan!

Leila Licks
Leila Licks  (5 days ago)

Thank you very much for sharing your soul and your talent with us! Take care

Jamie Richardson Jr
Jamie Richardson Jr  (5 days ago)

thanks so much Leila Licks for checking out our music

John Colella
John Colella  (6 days ago)

enjoyable music,vocals. Jamie.

Don Quinn
Don Quinn  (16 days ago)

Stopping by to spin some tunes. Great stuff brother. Keep Rockin'

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (17 days ago)

Listening to Gone to Stay. Great song. Wonderful vocal melody. I love your beautiful acoustic sound!

Aleta Tedeschi Stevenson
Aleta Tedeschi Stevenson  (18 days ago)

without her by my side, I had never heard this one, and it' s a great hit, fabuloso. that is magnifico for great luv luv luv.

Jamie Richardson Jr
Jamie Richardson Jr  (17 days ago)

thank you so much Aleta, this is one Jeff Trathen from Indiana and I wrote together

Jamie Richardson Jr
Jamie Richardson Jr  (18 days ago)

Thank you so much Mykall, love your music, congrats

Mykall McDowell
Mykall McDowell  (22 days ago)

Lovin your songs my friend!! Excellent Work!!! ~Mykall~

Jon Rowell
Jon Rowell  (26 days ago)

I love the vocal harmonys on "Gone to Stay"