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Felix Chuycov
Felix Chuycov  (10 months ago)

How do you do, Flaven!
Thank you for your «Can we turn this world around ?» that holds the attention from the beginning to the end. None the less I should like to suggest you my some doubts. I do not invade into your creation! This comment is only my unconstrained opinion of your unpremeditated listener. After the first refrain very sharp loud drumbeats diverts attention from your concerned calling question. Also some rough small words destroy integrity of the greatness of the inspiring humanity idea!
Yours sincerely, Felix Chuycov
July 01, 2013

Flaven  (10 months ago)

Hi Felix,
First I would like to thank you for your listening and analyze, you are absolutely right.
This song is a Demo, a concept of I think a great idea. I take your observation about the drums on the beginning to much present and about the (Swearing words). I guess you made a point and you’re not the first person to notice it. I have to find a compromise, get more soft expressions but hard enough to get the message. Thank again Felix!
Have a nice day

Vito A.Galati I
Vito A.Galati I  (10 months ago)

may the winds is very cool :) Vito

Nicki Naylor
Nicki Naylor  (10 months ago)

Great sound!! Love it!!

Saazoona  (10 months ago)

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Chuck Brunicardi
Chuck Brunicardi  (10 months ago)

"The Legend of John O'Connor" love the celtic flavor Flaven! Right up my alley! All the best...

CAKALAKI  (10 months ago)

stopping in to SHOW some MUSIC LUV...

sevenmileboots  (10 months ago)

"may the winds" has a nice natural feeling, and you sing it with a dirty voice like the earth. great!

sirish  (11 months ago)

awesome great vocal

JP'S ATTIC  (11 months ago)

Nice work on Encore, sweet track, best wishes from the Attic. JP

Venturvane  (11 months ago)

Humbled to see that you became a fan of my music through Reverb Nation. I hope my music encourages and uplifts you. God Bless! -Daniel