Darker Still
Darker Still  (4 months ago)

Love gravity!

Kid's Rock Machine
Kid's Rock Machine  (4 months ago)

hi there great hip hop music! great voice groove and instrumental
Have a good day

Amabel Fran
Amabel Fran  (4 months ago)

True words

Gringo Willy
Gringo Willy  (4 months ago)

I am you are we all singin that same tune just different notes..thanks for puttin it out there

Laurence Fortin
Laurence Fortin  (4 months ago)


Amun tizbet Negus
Amun tizbet Negus  (4 months ago)

be blessed in everthing you do ,....one love

Cody Tripp
Cody Tripp  (4 months ago)

Very cool !! Dig it.

Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)
Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)  (4 months ago)

Thanks for the fan and thank you for not degrading woman or singing vulgar . Played both tracks great job on them.All the best Jd

NSB  (4 months ago)

Digiin the vibe sumthin diff

aka raunitus
aka raunitus  (4 months ago)

"i am" & "gravity" feelin' ya' tracks bro nice work!!! & congrats!!