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Slam Horse
Slam Horse  (10 months ago)

The Victim is a great track! Really enjoyed your great sound and terrific flow! Keep your talent coming! --Slam Horse

aka raunitus
aka raunitus  (10 months ago)

feelin all your songs bro nice flow & message is what you givin'!! congrats towards rank #1!!!

NinaCasse`  (10 months ago)

I Love Your Voice, Style and Your Flow!!! Keep Grindin!!!!

DIAMOND P CUTZ  (10 months ago)

Awesome Flow!!! love your lyrics!!!

Yung Q
Yung Q  (10 months ago)

Feelin the tracks. Keep it coming.
#Much Respect

Kevin Curphey
Kevin Curphey  (10 months ago)

The Victim is my favorite song of your's ... all your tunes are very well designed and rapped! i like them a lot!

THE WORKERS  (10 months ago)

"Love" is a very creative piece of work. Keep at it!!

Vintage Radio Gods
Vintage Radio Gods  (10 months ago)

Cool tracks!!!

Ron Sillito
Ron Sillito  (10 months ago)

AWESOME My Friend...Wonderful Production, Very Strong Voice...Very Clear...Ron, From Canada...>

Joey Pliskin
Joey Pliskin  (10 months ago)

Hey! REALLY NICE sound here, man!! Lyrical content is SUPERB! Great production!! Keep it up!!--Joey