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MidNite Alibi / Comments

"FIRE"  (3 months ago)

Diggin' your way groovy tunes!!!!
Showing "FIRE" support from Minneapolis,MN

MykoMan  (4 months ago)

Great tune's you have here! Enjoying the listen.. Check us out when you can, it would be greatly appreciated ~Mykoman

Karen Rae Anderson-Songwriter
Karen Rae Anderson-Songwriter  (5 months ago)

Really like Kickin It...much success to you!!!

Johnny Lifeson
Johnny Lifeson  (6 months ago)

Send your songs in MP3 format and get Real AIR PLAY !! Be sure to name the Band-Song..

Isa Conar
Isa Conar  (6 months ago)

KICKING IT cool song, great voice. I am just listening.

Maria Giacometti Robertson
Maria Giacometti Robertson  (6 months ago)

Kelly, really like Kickin' it!

JACK CRIDER MUSIC  (6 months ago)


Trell Akbar
Trell Akbar  (6 months ago)

Dope sound love kickin it!

Tokin' Blues Band
Tokin' Blues Band  (6 months ago)

love the sound listening to Kicking it back in the Sticks love the guitar work. BTW thank you taking time out to listen to our music, please like our face book page and follow us on twitter and you tube and sound cloud. we will return the favor. thanks again great stuff

Mike Hounshell and Friends
Mike Hounshell and Friends  (6 months ago)

Kicking It is awesome.
Rock on!!!