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Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (about 1 month ago)

Cerridwen's Cauldron...I love this. Fantastic music. Great vibe. Bright Blessings Mama Gina and love from Steve in Scotland.

Overnight Collides
Overnight Collides  (3 months ago)

Awesome tune's! Luv your sound. Check us out when you can! :) - Overnight Collides

Blak Goose
Blak Goose  (3 months ago)

Great sound you got going here, I really enjoyed listening keep it up!

Spirits Of Another Day
Spirits Of Another Day  (3 months ago)

Sweet <3 Peace from Sunny Detroit City !

Nappy Sunbeam
Nappy Sunbeam  (3 months ago)

Hi Mama Gina, Musik Helps wake up the senses and makes us feel more motivated and inspired. I am delighted to be part of your Music and share my support. “The Difference” I am sparking of your Phenomenon, Compassionate Musik.. What A song, What A Voice!

Musikal Painting truly making the all the difference!

Love Nappy Sunbeam.. This light of yours you gotta let it shine. ❈

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (3 months ago)

i had to pop on back hon..keep rockin in the truth..
you are sensational!
you have "BALLS said the Queen, if i had two, i would be KING!"
"not true said Jack, i have two, and i'm still NOT king!"
all the difference is fab..sweet tambourine too!
in my right ear!! LOve light learning and mo love!!

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (4 months ago)

Quality music...great writing skills! You have a wonderful voice and you are obviously a great performer as well. Loved "Hummingbirds" Wishing you every success~Paul

Whiskey for the Lady
Whiskey for the Lady  (4 months ago)

basking in a few more of your tunes today!

Whiskey for the Lady
Whiskey for the Lady  (4 months ago)

enjoying your music for the first time!

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (4 months ago)

my best friend my mother unexpectedly bolted from the planet, and i well the sunlight dimmed and the world fell out from under me..sadly, my souls went south, & my voice, well was thunderously silent..
and i never come on here..and i am so glad i did..
you inspired me, i took my fave guitbox out of coffin, you just brought me home in way? your strumming..your honesty, your serious voice..
thank you! you carry something very important..never underestimate that sistuh..you reached me..you helped me..your songs are a journey..undertaker to Ruby..and so many more i am so blessed to listen to..bless you, give yourself a big big hug!! from LTW
we should work together some sweet day!! really!