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OLTB-Off Limits the Band
OLTB-Off Limits the Band  (22 days ago)

It's easy to see why you are doing so well, your success is richly deserved! Love what we are hearing especially Raven! Great sound!

Karina RA
Karina RA  (23 days ago)

Thank you for your support! Keep up also your good musical work! Hugs of peace, love, gratitude and a lot of music, Karina RA

Set The Fuse
Set The Fuse  (about 1 month ago)

Thanks for stopping by your music is Amazing, have a great weekend Keep on Rocking :-)

Sanjay Lal
Sanjay Lal  (about 1 month ago)

Great tracks here,Wishing you all the best - Sanjay

The Lizabeth Sessions
The Lizabeth Sessions  (about 1 month ago)

Your "Raven" is an extraordinary song!...Truly! The way you sing and play it is executed brilliantly. It stays with the listener long after the track has come to its end. The images that it invokes are so vivid and dynamic. Addictive, for certain! Well done, Bri Hays! Well done indeed!
~Liz [The Lizabeth Sessions]

Bri Hays
Bri Hays  (about 1 month ago)

Thank you,very much appreciated. That song was truly written from the heart

Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer  (3 months ago)

Hi, I am on your page listening to your music which is great work. I’ll be your friend request and subscriber would you extend the love back on my profile as well. –O.C. Lapland’s Diamond.

Nagasus  (5 months ago)

Rocking your yummy bluesy page..I really enjoyed "Showtime" and "Raven".. Cool rock-blues.. Keep up your musical ideas flow! Good luck.

The Fabulous Del Counts
The Fabulous Del Counts  (5 months ago)

" Raven " wonderful track........Charles.

Bri Hays
Bri Hays  (5 months ago)

Thank you Charles,very much appreciated

Mario Mendoza
Mario Mendoza  (5 months ago)

Great job on "Raven"! Excellent guitar work and sound. Keep it up!

Bri Hays
Bri Hays  (5 months ago)

thanks Mario

The DoPe Brothers
The DoPe Brothers  (5 months ago)

We loved Showtime with its soft and touching vocals!

Bri Hays
Bri Hays  (5 months ago)

much appreciated DoPe Brothers -song from the heart