Ghosts of Dixie / Comments

MEDUSA'S EVOLUTION  (6 months ago)

Very nice, and unique sound! I love Austin! Keep Austin Weird! All the best! :)

The Beaten Generation
The Beaten Generation  (6 months ago)

Awesome tunes here
espl. Malicious

Rob Dee
Rob Dee  (6 months ago)


Mario Mendoza
Mario Mendoza  (6 months ago)

"Malicious" is such a great track! Awesome job!

Heavy Cowboy
Heavy Cowboy  (6 months ago)

you guy's have a different sound, than most bands. yall standout. I see big things for you guy's

"FIRE"  (6 months ago)

Showing "FIRE" Sopport!!
the music you play Rocks my Day!!

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust  (6 months ago)

Awesome music I really enjoyed listening...My best wishes to you. Thanks for the support my friends. Keep Rockin !!!

Swapna and Abhijeet
Swapna and Abhijeet  (6 months ago)

Yes Yes yes, Malicious! Others, too! \m/

cosmic debris
cosmic debris  (6 months ago)

malicious is so so hot guys! just love your sound.

24 Blues Street
24 Blues Street  (6 months ago)

Great job my friends!!