Ghosts of Dixie / Comments

Stage Parades
Stage Parades  (6 months ago)

Great video the live track - Disambiguation. Success to you always, a great band, with thanks too :-)

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (6 months ago)

Enjoying your music....particularly "My Baby Left Me"...what a great sound you've got. Many thanks for your support. Wishing you success. Paul

RAJALLA  (6 months ago)

Awesome unique sound! This is something different and personal, keep up the superb work!!

KC Daleigh
KC Daleigh  (6 months ago)

The greatest way to end a busy day is to listen to your wonderful music here. ~kc

Matthew Wall
Matthew Wall  (6 months ago)

Saw Your live video! Looks like everyone had a good time. My baby left Me! Cool grove. Sax, Keyboard, Guitars, and Rock N Roll Drums. Love it! Thanks for sharing! keep the faith! Rock On.

Natalla y Los Suenos
Natalla y Los Suenos  (6 months ago)

Malicious!!! Awesome Tune!!

Priscilla Jones
Priscilla Jones  (6 months ago)

you have an awesome sound! anyone could rock out to this. Two thumbs up

Owen McCullum
Owen McCullum  (6 months ago)

Wow! I really enjoyed this music. A unique sound and a lot of fun.

Fernando Garcin
Fernando Garcin  (6 months ago)

Thank you friends! Love your music! Enjoying Malicious, and Slavik Gypsy who reminds me of some centre-european music I love. Great to meet you!

Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes  (6 months ago)

You rocks! I like the mix between your instruments and melodies! All the best success! Regards