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Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (6 days ago)

Cheers boi!! Bluebird is fantastic....Love that vocal sound...;-)) Best as always, Andrew

Roberto Cordero Jazz
Roberto Cordero Jazz  (7 days ago)

Didn't know you were hiding Ain't No Sunshine in the archives! Well ours is just some crude live version. Yours is some fancy studio work. It's SUPER!

The Electric Era
The Electric Era  (7 days ago)

Gold is just that, a great composition, engaging lyrics, well-produced, just gold.

Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (7 days ago)

Kicking the weekend off with The Flobe...Solid songs with a great diversity that showcases the incredible talent behind the music! Bluebird is a gem! ~ Rod

Blue Phoenix Radio
Blue Phoenix Radio  (8 days ago)

loving Bluebird... such a relaxing free feeling!

Exile Pots
Exile Pots  (8 days ago)

Flobe "Gold" is precisely what it is. A splendid song and arrangement. Spot on guest vocals there from Fiona. In fact, spot on playing and vocs all round. Had this listener hopping in that car with you. Good 'ere innit? ;) All the Best, Exile.

Art Lip
Art Lip  (8 days ago)

Golden collaboration here :)

Kim Guthrie
Kim Guthrie  (8 days ago)

Happy Friday. "Lil Angel" in my morning listens, such a sweet feeling this one conveys, beautiful song.

RINGWERM  (8 days ago)

Keep crankin those solid gold jams yo!

Vincent Pablo
Vincent Pablo  (8 days ago)

Bluebird sounds fantastic Derek.Everytime I listen to it,I smile.I think sir Paul should love to hear it.