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STAND ALONE / Comments

Madame Knight
Madame Knight  (almost 7 years ago)

You guys are blowin up the Dirty. Keep up the good work and I'll be out to see you.

STAND ALONE  (almost 7 years ago)

Very much appreciated! You better come and see us. Make sure you come up to us and say hi. We love to meet and get to know our fans. Love you and can't wait to see you again. We are playing a big show at the Center Stage, Sept. 21 at 12:30 am. Atlantis Music Showcase. Bring everyone you know. Take care and be safe!


Booty Crew Queen
Booty Crew Queen  (about 7 years ago)

Hi Fellas, Sounds pretty good. Next CD you should let my partner master your tracks. He kicks ass and masters tracks for the biggest in the biz baby. Oh- and I requested an add at myspace as well.

Gabriel  (about 7 years ago)

good stuff man.... if anyone is intrested take a look at my profile and check out my music.

STAND ALONE  (about 7 years ago)

Hell yeah we will. Thank you for the comment. Take care and be safe!

butternuttrouble  (over 7 years ago)

Hey Guys!

You are amazing, but you already knew that! Me and BJ are trying to make it to your may 10th show! We love you guys!!!

- Melissa (MJ from Gipsons)

STAND ALONE  (over 7 years ago)

Definitely looking forward to seeing you there. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance at $12 instead of at the door at $18. This is Eric the manager. Nice to see you onboard for the ride to the top. With fans like yourselves, STAND ALONE is going to be around for quite sometime. Take care and be safe!

STAND ALONE  (over 7 years ago)

Are you coming Thursday night to the LOFT? We are in the semi-finals of the Emergenza International battle of the bands. Let us know. The tickets in advance are $12 and at the door $18. Talk to you soon!

Eagle  (over 7 years ago)

You have one of best sounds i've heard in a long time,its fresh powerfull and inviteing,class act all the way..
i have many friends with bands and you folks are totally awesome,i used to work as a stage hand for folks like kenny rogers the who and who ever else needed help so i have heard alot in my few years..i have set in many practices with friends and loved some of there sounds but they allways seem to drift from there roots,and yet loose that BLISS they had in there infantry,well you folks got it all.NEVER SURENDER to that and allways believe in your music and know you folks are only hindered by audiance,the more folks that hear your sound the greater you folks will become..THE SKIES NOT EVEN THE LIMIT.

Take care folks,play hard,play long.


angietat  (over 7 years ago)

love the new photos i like the one i front of the water..


Reb  (over 7 years ago)

THANK U FOR THE INVITE U GUYS ROCK !!!!! U CAN FIND ME @myspace rebiliciousdelight.com !!!!!!! take care, rebecca

STAND ALONE  (over 7 years ago)

Can not seem to find you on myspace. We are at www.myspace.com/standalonemusic2005. Our manager is at www.myspace.com/ericsttt. Invite us as your friend and we will accept. Thank you.

Ready To Let Go
Ready To Let Go  (over 7 years ago)

VIP ah....so do you knoe roughly when your are going to travle as far a OHIO....I think you'll love it here...and if you get me the date I will spread the word...and hopefully help you get the venues roof bustin off.....hell yeah...but in the mean time keep on rocking.

STAND ALONE  (over 7 years ago)

Thank you for your comment and support. What colleges are around your neck of the woods? We are in the Verge College Music Conference. This event held in Boston will get us in front of over 3500 College Talent buyers from across the country. Help us to get there and that will be one step closer to OHIO. All you have to do is post our mini-player widget on as many websites, friends myspace comments, or bulletins in different forums and groups online. For every one posted we recieve 50 points and for every song played we get 5 points. We are currently at No. 11 in the ranking. We have already announced that our hottest promoter will recieve an autographed CD and TShirt. So help us out and spread the music. Thank you so much!

Giusy  (over 7 years ago)

thank you for your message..I love your songs!!

better off alone
better off alone  (over 7 years ago)

You guys rock!!
Id love a C.D..
I will most definately buy one when it comes out!
~Chrystina :)

STAND ALONE  (over 7 years ago)

Our CD will be avialable in two weeks. We are working on having them available thru itunes, cdbaby, and sonicbids. I will keep you posted on the progress. As soon as I have one in hand I will let you know as well. Take care and be safe!