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BadgerStatic / Comments

David Gergen
David Gergen  (3 months ago)

nice jams!

Paul Kriege
Paul Kriege  (3 months ago)

Nice rockin work! Dig it!

Tyrone  (3 months ago)

Much success to you and your career. Showing you some love from N. Carolina

CELTIC SPIRIT  (3 months ago)

excellent, fantastic sound!!!

Steve Raymond
Steve Raymond  (3 months ago)

Diggin' The Sounds !!!

Greg Ledder
Greg Ledder  (3 months ago)

Wow! This band is real tight! Loving your sound guys - fantastic!
Best wishes from Thailand,

ROD Media Group
ROD Media Group  (3 months ago)

One of the realist bands around. Great Music!

Steve Caustrita
Steve Caustrita  (3 months ago)

1. Very tight, everyone in the groove
2. Mix fits energy of the band
3. guitar, it not only screams it sings
4. Vocals nice gritty feel, could easily be overdone but you kept it under control...

:: hot performance ::

V.O.I.D band
V.O.I.D band  (3 months ago)

awesome man

Mike McWilliams
Mike McWilliams  (3 months ago)