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Billy Hubbard
Billy Hubbard  (about 1 month ago)

Sounding good Steven!

Jeff Mix
Jeff Mix  (5 months ago)

That's a helluva voice you got there !

Martha guthrie
Martha guthrie  (6 months ago)

great voice,love your music!!

Amanda Cooksey
Amanda Cooksey  (7 months ago)

Set on Fire-nice sound.

Steven James
Steven James  (7 months ago)

Thanks Amanda. You have a unique sound yourself! Like your videos on your page. By next week my new song 'Lemonade and Wine' will be up. It's my new favorite.
Take Care SJ

buchanproductions  (7 months ago)

Love your voice and accent!
God bless

Steven James
Steven James  (7 months ago)

Thank Coreetta for your kind words. By next week, I will be posting a new song I recorded in Nashville...'Lemonade and Wine'-my new favorite! Let me know what you think. His Blessings to You! :)

Cale Moon
Cale Moon  (8 months ago)

It's great to see someone with a somewhat similar style, and tons of talent! Keep on making great music! God Bless! Cale Moon

Tommy Blue's Friends
Tommy Blue's Friends  (8 months ago)

Strong country rock with an exciting voice ! It turns me on !

Ashley Wineland
Ashley Wineland  (8 months ago)

love your playlist

Steven James
Steven James  (8 months ago)

Thanks Ashley! Love your video and spirit of charity to our military personnel! Nice news coverage!! I am trying to crack into Nashville as the next young male country artist. Blessings, Steven James

DAVO  (9 months ago)

Awesome work here....good music! Happy I stopped by for a listen!
DAVO wishes you the best of luck!

Steven James
Steven James  (9 months ago)

DAVO, I really appreciate your encouragement, especially from someone who is so accomplished. I LOVED your video 'High Like This'...Great Music, Vocals, Visuals, and a sense of humor. I'm 21 and just starting out, left college to try become an artist/songwriter. Just trying to figure things out. People tell me it would be easier to go be a brain surgeon. Ha! (But not as fun!!) All the Best to you, Steven James

Will Tommy Jones
Will Tommy Jones  (9 months ago)

WoW! What a unique vocal style mixed w/ great original songs that reach outside of the lines to make for something wonderful and brand new. A stand alone style that sets you apart from other vocalists. It's a matter of time til you are gonna catch every listeners attention out there.You're headin' straight for the top! WTJ/ Gary Joe Mitchell

Steven James
Steven James  (9 months ago)

Thanks Mr. Mitchell for your too kind words of encouragement. I find your Texas roots interesting. I made two trips to TX this spring and wound up in the audience at Greene Hall in New Breunfels, TX one night. Cool TX Dance Hall...maybe one day I'll get to play there :) When I go to a concert or something, all I do is see myself up on the stage. Ha! I have thought about moving to the Texas music scene (Instead of Nashville)...Re: your bio...I have to say that I would add to the Cat Stevens vibe a lil bit of Harry Chapin that I hear. :) Again thanks so much for your kind words, at 21, I have just started out on my journey. Please stay in touch. All the Best to you guys!! Steven James