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Honey Spine
Honey Spine  (over 1 year ago)

Wow! Tim and I got a fan-mail question. The question eloquently read-

Q: whats u guys fav. color? :)

A: As my mind ponders this simple question, I see there must be subtle depth to the riddle. My first reaction is to say Black as it represents elegance and mystery. I then realized that black is not a color at all; it is the absence of color, absorbing all light and reflecting nothing, thus rende
ring it void from choice. Next I thought White due to its representation of purity and goodness and I thought that would be my answer, acknowledging that reflection does occur rendering color. But wait, White is a unique color in that it is the reflection of ALL colors. this would have been fine except for the question asked in the singular, "whats u guys fav. color? :)" If white is the reflection of all colors, this answer would be inaccurate. I really want to say Olive Drab, because it truly is my favorite color, but it's not a pure reflection of light such as a rainbow or prism refraction. I give up, it's too complicated.

Thank you for spending some well thought out time asking us a profundity,


Honey Spine
Honey Spine  (over 1 year ago)

Tim: So what you up to Man?
Brian: Oh you know, eating a big-o-bowl of Pops cereal. This has got to be the WORST cereal ever made.
Tim: Are you eating it with water?
Brian: That's a ridiculous question. . .Of course I'm Eating it with water.
Tim: Well that might just be the big-o-problem right there don't you think?
Brian: Really Tim?!?. . . Really???

Brian: Here we are. Golden Grahams! you've never let me down have you?. . . No Tim, They Haven't.

I have never in the past been a baby cow, nor shall I start to be one any time in the near future. Why would I drink milk?

It all seems very odd to me. Water is more or less free, flowing plentifully from the tap. After the cereal has melded with the milk and then been consumed, your left with a delicious concoction of either a sweet, savory or astringent flavored liquid, much like the majority of watered down beverages 90% of us are already drinking. I'm starting a movement! Slogan: Don't be a Baby Cow! Tag Line: Eat your cereal with water. Who's in?