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Chris Christian
Chris Christian  (2 months ago)

Right now Chris is using some local musicians to record his upcoming EP,"American Cash." Chris Christian plans on doing select venues this fall but hasn't decided on a FIRM line-up yet When the EP is completely done, then it will be decided who will be coming with him on "The Messenger Tour." As soon as the decision is made, the line-up for this fall will be immediately announced., Thank you for your interest and we hope you'll like what you hear.

Chris Christian
Chris Christian  (3 months ago)

Due to my faher being ill, I've opted to do something for him. My faher was my FIRST musical influence whereas he introduced me to the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and so on. I'm currently working on an EP to be released of the Rick Rubin produced songs he did with Johnny Cash. The new EP, "American Cash" will be out this year with select venues this fall. I appreciate everyones support, patience and prayers. This is a "God thing" and I'm doing this and dedicating this collection to my father.