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Concrete Injection / Comments

Legion  (12 months ago)

Great quality, good clean classic sound. Well played gents. Respect.

Kevo  (12 months ago)

I see a band here that can go big and I'm a picky musician...Great work!

Sharon Giczi
Sharon Giczi  (12 months ago)

Freaking Awesome!!

VIZAGOTH  (12 months ago)

Great sound and feel. Love what you guys are doing. The bass work on Vulnerable Skin is freaking amazing!

MIke Starzec
MIke Starzec  (12 months ago)

Rock That Groove!!!!

Zig Zag JeZus
Zig Zag JeZus  (12 months ago)

Thanks for the add & taking the time to have a listen. You guys fuckin rule! Killer vocals & guitars. Alice In Chains & STP are influences of mine as well. Keep up the excellent work gentleman

Keith Stone
Keith Stone  (12 months ago)

Wow You Guys Kick Ass! Devil's Crypt is Incredible! Heavy Stuff!

Redemption Creed
Redemption Creed  (12 months ago)

keep up the good work guys,Cheers \m/

Logic Effect
Logic Effect  (12 months ago)

Decay of Society... Magic. Loving it!

Lisa Gee and The 4:22
Lisa Gee and The 4:22  (12 months ago)

Badass!!! Awesome stuff, gentlemen! Totally tight performance; excellent musicianship and I totally dig the vocals. :)