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Overnight Collides
Overnight Collides  (8 months ago)

Great tune's!! .. Very Enjoyable! If you get a chance would you listen to a tune & fan us back. it would be greatly appreciated. All the best from Overnight Collides

Slam Horse
Slam Horse  (8 months ago)

Enjoyed your great tracks! There's much talent here in vocals, lyrics, and music! Best wishes for great success! --Slam Horse

Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee  (9 months ago)

Love the name of your group! I had to check ya out... nice country rock sound.

WILD&WELSH  (9 months ago)

Great band sound guys. Cool blend of styles. W&W

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit
Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit  (9 months ago)

Stopping by to Show some Support. And Listen to Some of Your Awesome Music! Wishing You Success.

RockinCarmella  (10 months ago)

Great show last night at the Pump! Always a good time and good to see all of you again. Keep the good music and lyrics coming, Luke. Can't wait to see you again, hopefully in Sept in Shelby.

Jerry's Bones
Jerry's Bones  (10 months ago)

Have a great holiday guys! ~JB

Vintage Radio Gods
Vintage Radio Gods  (10 months ago)

Thanks for being fans!!!

Jerry's Bones
Jerry's Bones  (10 months ago)

Awesome set @ Hog Happenin' ! Let's do a show SOON! Best Wishes and God Bless-Jerry's Bones

Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Eddie Ray Franks Jr  (11 months ago)

Wishing much success with music. Eddie Ray