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Liz Lohnes / Comments

robersonic  (3 months ago)

great songs! incredible voice!

Russell Upol
Russell Upol  (3 months ago)

Awesome stuffs :)

MarzDaniels  (3 months ago)


Awesome sound, I enjoyed listening to your music. I wish you all the success this world has to offer.


Cos Grassano
Cos Grassano  (3 months ago)

Lovely Songs, Lovely Vocals and a Lovely Girl.

Plastic Inevitable
Plastic Inevitable  (3 months ago)

Candy Hearts is great!

Tagguuiitt  (3 months ago)

very talented

Rocktite  (3 months ago)

we are so sorry,the major label a&r guys were born with their brains outside of their heads and had to be amputated, they were only left with stem cells.now i want you guys to use all 3 of your brain cells and get this woman signed! thank you

Chemical Gunns
Chemical Gunns  (3 months ago)

Cool music video. Liz! I've actually seen this somewhere before!! You're definitely accomplished :)

Arturo  (3 months ago)

Not bad for a girl. ;) jk lol amazing voice of an angel is what I mean. I'm in awe. Thanks for fanning.

Cosmos Synthetics
Cosmos Synthetics  (4 months ago)

Just heard fly away! I don't like pop but I like your pop music! Much Love from Australia!