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Cos Grassano
Cos Grassano  (15 days ago)

Lovely Songs, Lovely Vocals and a Lovely Girl.

Plastic Inevitable
Plastic Inevitable  (16 days ago)

Candy Hearts is great!

Tagguuiitt  (16 days ago)

very talented

Rocktite  (17 days ago)

we are so sorry,the major label a&r guys were born with their brains outside of their heads and had to be amputated, they were only left with stem cells.now i want you guys to use all 3 of your brain cells and get this woman signed! thank you

Chemical Gunns
Chemical Gunns  (17 days ago)

Cool music video. Liz! I've actually seen this somewhere before!! You're definitely accomplished :)

Arturo  (19 days ago)

Not bad for a girl. ;) jk lol amazing voice of an angel is what I mean. I'm in awe. Thanks for fanning.

Cosmos Synthetics
Cosmos Synthetics  (22 days ago)

Just heard fly away! I don't like pop but I like your pop music! Much Love from Australia!

Aliya  (23 days ago)

Gorgeous voice, Liz!

MAD KID  (24 days ago)

Amazing songs amazing voice much success GOD bless peace

Lil Rail
Lil Rail  (24 days ago)

showing love
never give up on your dreams
god bless
~Lil Rail