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GreenColrake  (15 days ago)

Sounds great! All the best!

Tamara Peyton
Tamara Peyton  (5 months ago)

Loving your style and sound. I hear the U2 influence but I also hear some Tragically Hip, though they aren't an influence you cite. Have you got a place where you post upcoming gigs? Do you play live around Ottawa? Would love to come out and listen live :)

Alan Bay
Alan Bay  (6 months ago)

You're a wonderful singer/songwriter, Colin!!! Wish you well :)

Songbird Deb
Songbird Deb  (6 months ago)

Great music! Cheers

Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson  (6 months ago)

Just another songwriter checking in... Soaking up your style - Yes the U2 thing is in here. Top stuff!
A real hearty live feel to your creations. They connect! Jules

Said Maezouz
Said Maezouz  (6 months ago)

i am really love what am listening to.

Joel Stewart
Joel Stewart  (6 months ago)

The smooth vocals work in harmony with the meaningful lyrics. The instruments have power, which prove themselves with the intro to chorus progression. The style and sound of "Carry Me" are reminiscent of U2, both in style and quality.

Blue Room Studio
Blue Room Studio  (6 months ago)

I like the songs, they remind me of Goo Goo Dolls, one of my favorite bands!

Amanda Cooksey
Amanda Cooksey  (7 months ago)

Nice songs.

jhone sena
jhone sena  (7 months ago)

You are really great wonderful beautiful creativity

Colin Bernard
Colin Bernard  (7 months ago)

hey thanks for the kind words.