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Sergey Doroshenko / Comments

Toni Schicho
Toni Schicho  (10 months ago)

beautiful sounds here

BIGTYME UGLYPLAYA  (10 months ago)

nice work!

Johnny Alguer
Johnny Alguer  (10 months ago)

Beautiful Music, Great Work...

Kevin Coleman and The Flat Five
Kevin Coleman and The Flat Five  (10 months ago)

verry nice...takes me to the zone I am so fond of. within myself. I am happy there. A little melancholic at times, but...we are all in this together, and yet very much alone.

Rusted Moose
Rusted Moose  (10 months ago)

Superb music!!! Awesome!! ;-)

Amber Icons
Amber Icons  (10 months ago)

Nice electronics! Great work

LaR.A. (Elena Zolotareva)
LaR.A. (Elena Zolotareva)  (10 months ago)

Really sounds magnificent!

Attack Karma
Attack Karma  (10 months ago)

beautiful and chilling music!

ilVolodiColin  (10 months ago)

Crystal Planet-great sounds.

Mr.Martinelli  (11 months ago)

Crystal Planet...You Already Know...