Daddy Jamz & TFB / Comments

Ozara Odé
Ozara Odé  (11 months ago)

I am feelin ur vibe...nice nice nice!!

Ecologyngle  (11 months ago)

"Air Around Us" syncopated gem! Light and airy! So. Fla cheers * Patricia

Daddy Jamz & TFB
Daddy Jamz & TFB  (11 months ago)

Thank you so much. That piece is real special to me as its creation was fueled by pleasant memories of my mother.

Prince Sampson
Prince Sampson  (11 months ago)

Love the organic grooves and vibes here !

MICHAEL HENDERSON  (11 months ago)

Very Cool...

LING-LING ALFARI  (11 months ago)

nice job, nice work, nice art and very nice music... complete!

Gary DeBerry
Gary DeBerry  (11 months ago)

Smooth..Nice Attitude..enjoyed listening!! All the best for your career!!

Chris Sebby™
Chris Sebby™  (11 months ago)

thanks for giving a listen to my tracks, you rock!

Steve Parisien
Steve Parisien  (11 months ago)

Nicely put together. Love the sound. I think you got something here.

Bon Ton Key Club
Bon Ton Key Club  (12 months ago)

Wonderful tuneage and selections from your exquisite list of funkable riffs!

Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Eddie Ray Franks Jr  (12 months ago)

Wishing you the best with your music and have a great day. Eddie Ray