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waleed7  (7 days ago)


kamara  (7 days ago)

you are amazing star

magic marker
magic marker  (10 days ago)

hi lady :) jus droppin by for some of your magic :) thanks for helpin the sunshine :)

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound  (16 days ago)

fairy tale love very cool ...Peace...Frontline

Bassman  (18 days ago)

Enjoying the sounds here. Good job.

Alan Logston Pianist
Alan Logston Pianist  (19 days ago)

Really love you sounds :)

Mr Rocktane
Mr Rocktane  (22 days ago)

Absolutely delightful tunes Lisa. Great to hear you. peace

Syne Faeth
Syne Faeth  (23 days ago)

Fab. songs,diggin your unique vocals!

Christopher Headmesser
Christopher Headmesser  (23 days ago)

Your ENERGY is cheeringly lifting. Please keep it up and make the world a better place CH

Rocky Rogers
Rocky Rogers  (27 days ago)

Back for another listen....Happy stuff!