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IRREVERENCE  (5 days ago)

Thank you!! "SHREDS OF HUMANITY" recording sessions are over! Video studio report available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8J01mG_rWw&list=UUMzI2DaZx0lqFL59cdWsOrA … Enjoy it! Visit our official FACEBOOK page at facebook.com/irreverenceband we'll appreciate any comment on it!

IRREVERENCE - Thrash Metal Since 1995
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YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/irreverenceband

Young Prince
Young Prince  (6 days ago)

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Eric Hendrix
Eric Hendrix  (14 days ago)

Wonderful comments reflect my response as well, thank you for listening to my music and the bravery rebirth. Happens on so many levels, but always follows a wise decision. Music and melody never leaves the kindred soul.Best wishes!

Michelle Kasajian
Michelle Kasajian  (15 days ago)

A pleasure listening to your music today!

Raven X
Raven X  (19 days ago)

Hi Vadim! Thanks for adding us! Have a great day! <> The RAVEN X debut album is available at: http://www.BatZugeRecords.com/store

SHAMEL  (24 days ago)

Forever has some serious picking. NIce sound and melodies of music, thanks for sharing, Shamel

Latay  (26 days ago)

Vadim, I love your music. It is somewhat familiar yet it is truly unique. Wishing you much continued success.

JG McCloskey
JG McCloskey  (28 days ago)

Great sounds Vadim! Greetings from Scotland ;-)

Tina Semmens
Tina Semmens  (29 days ago)

Really like the jam. Rebirth is always at our fingertips. We simply have to be willing to die to some things in order to become alive to others. At least that has been my experience.

TURE'E  (about 1 month ago)

Cool, I like your music..