Arjyo (Arcane Accord) / Comments

Kaocity  (about 1 month ago)

Words cannot do justice to describe your music... thank you so much...

JOE & ALVIN PLAYER  (3 months ago)

Just another one song I heard, but from my soul I felt coming out of your guitar is from God given to you of course with your self endeavor of music. I really love your superb talent my friend.

Smashing The Serene
Smashing The Serene  (5 months ago)

I think I have commented prior- however I must comment again. this is some of the best music I have been able to treat my ears too. the Guitar work is nothing short of phenomenal- The arrangements are flawless. Brilliant, Brilliant pieces of work!!!

Smashing the Serene

Chelsea Edwardson
Chelsea Edwardson  (6 months ago)

This is gorgeous! The last two comments sum it up wonderfully: you've done an amazing job at creating / painting musical landscapes. Everything is done with quality and a depth of feeling. Awesome guitar work! Flawless! Best of luck with your music.

Owen McCullum
Owen McCullum  (6 months ago)

Absolutely amazing! I haven't heard guitar playing like this in years. This man is a genius!

Shazdar  (7 months ago)

Today, you took me on a tour around the galaxy. Your instrumentation is smooth and mysterious while also being passionate and driven. Outstanding talent, excellent production quality — be lucky!

The Floyd McCoy Project/The LC Band
The Floyd McCoy Project/The LC Band  (9 months ago)

All I can say is.......wow!! I'm stunned by the musical landscape you've painted in my soul. Stylistically, a plethora of subtlety interwoven with a straight ahead rock sound. Very inspiring!!! You've inspired me to set my guitar in a corner and not touch it for awhile.........lol. That's what happened to me when I first heard Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn..........

Valerie Markell Gallagher
Valerie Markell Gallagher  (9 months ago)

I am in love! Such a rich landscape you paint with your sound. I feel so much passion, and subtle complexity of many textures. Love the spacious qualities - reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Though you are in a class all your own. Gorgeous, and masterful!

David P. Reinen
David P. Reinen  (10 months ago)

Arjyo, this is masterful work - young guitarist's bio's will start to say "Sounds Like: Arjyo" - actually, some of the old ones, like me, should hope to play as well - great stuff.

Y.O.U.  (11 months ago)

Arjyo, dude you are an insane guitar player brother! Absolutely amazing! I'm cranking this up hard man. Lovely touch yourself sir. Great work, great work indeed. I'm sharing the hell out this. My friends are gonna dig this man. I Love it. You've inspired me man big time. Outstanding.