Ciro Amaral / Comments

Amba  (12 months ago)

thank you for the music!

KATONE  (12 months ago)

You are spectacular!
Amazing guitar and vocals.
Bid fan here.

NEEK(twitter.com//uneekenterprise)  (12 months ago)

loving those tunes my manz

SkyShaper  (12 months ago)

Really enjoying your music - great guitar, love it!! ;)))

Lady Caroline Is The Angel Of Music
Lady Caroline Is The Angel Of Music  (12 months ago)

I really love your sound! So soothing. I can really hear the influence of Santana, great work!

Alta Pueblo
Alta Pueblo  (12 months ago)

Nice grooves on Stop talking now, good work :)

Speake Tribe
Speake Tribe  (12 months ago)

Thanks for listening, you have some sweet sounds yourselves.

Onion Street Studio
Onion Street Studio  (12 months ago)

Love the modern Carlos Santana sound! Great music!

Marty DeLay
Marty DeLay  (12 months ago)

Awesome music! Keep it up!

Brandon Has a Band
Brandon Has a Band  (12 months ago)

Nice style my man! Ya got a cool vibe to what youre doing! I feel like I need to drink a beer while Im listening to your stuff, and thats a good thing!
Keep up the good work!