The Bordello Pimps / Comments

Ecologyngle  (12 months ago)

"Morning Glory" enchanting melody opens a sizzling metal rocker! Love it!!! Cheers cross the pond * Patricia

Lucks Lane
Lucks Lane  (12 months ago)

Lovin' your tracks! Extremely cool, down and dirty rock! Get Away is awesome! Top vocals! Best wishes guys!

Drummer Dan
Drummer Dan  (12 months ago)

Awesome Sound Pimps Keep on Rocking!!!!!!!
GO UK Rock

hiway420.com  (12 months ago)

Rocking to "Get Away"! Grooving to the the heavy bass line! Awesome!

David Pearson
David Pearson  (12 months ago)

Solid... Peace Out...

Tomas Reinerson
Tomas Reinerson  (12 months ago)

Really enjoying Get Away

SoLodified  (12 months ago)

Playing Slut now...and The instruments already Rock! Nice work guys.

Mnacykah Matangaro
Mnacykah Matangaro  (12 months ago)

cool tunes :) all the best, stay connected, cheers

Aquala Chantal "The Artist"
Aquala Chantal "The Artist"  (12 months ago)

Your sound is rockin!

Indie Lagone
Indie Lagone  (12 months ago)

Rock and Roll !!!