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Paul Casey / Comments

Troy Wise
Troy Wise  (11 months ago)

Nice contrast between The Masses and Dream as One and Begin. I wasn't expecting that - cool! Good recording - nice work

Justin Boerema
Justin Boerema  (11 months ago)

We may not have it all together, thou together we have it all. Thanks for being an inspiration! lovin' you!

Shady Grady
Shady Grady  (11 months ago)

I'm loving your songs! Feel free to stop by my page at www.gradyvision.com and share your music and videos and I'll do the same. C U at the top!

Purty Violet
Purty Violet  (11 months ago)

Love the song "Dream as one". <3 Best wishes to you from Purty Violet

Robert Joseph Phillips
Robert Joseph Phillips  (11 months ago)

Great songwriting friend:-)

MellaMusic  (11 months ago)

Begin is a really cool track! Great job

Chuck Brunicardi
Chuck Brunicardi  (11 months ago)

"Dream As One" fantastic song Paul. All best wishes.

Malika Esdelle
Malika Esdelle  (11 months ago)

I'm lovin the sound of your music, definitely unique in its own way..Best wishes:)

Anja & Makayla
Anja & Makayla  (11 months ago)

Dream as One is beautiful and enjoyable to listen to!!

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (11 months ago)

I love your expressive lyrics and the hard rock style of The Masses!